Thursday, May 05, 2016


Tweedsmuir Camp - Aerial photograph taken about noon on Saturday 29th January 1946 and  BELOW is an image of the last brick built building shot by me from the high ground near the Water Tower.................................Picture taken  around 1965.
Kaz RYZNER reaches the top of the Turbacz 2pm on Monday 25th September 2017.We were the only climbers around at the time.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016


First Communion 13th June 1954.L to R at rear Monica BAKALAS, Jozia KUSZEL, Barbara SYSIAK, Maria PIETRUSIEWICZ,Teresa STASIEWOWICZ, Sandra FRANCAK,i POREMBA.Front L to R Tadek KUBLIC, Piotr PIETRUSIEWICZ, Lesek CHRUSCZ, Jurek KLONOWICZ.

First communion 13th June 1954. Piotr i Maria PIETRUSIEWICZ

The outside of the Church with Father BYSTRY a First Communion picture 1954.Girl 2nd from the right is Urszula RYZNER.
First Communion 1959 outside of St Edmunds Church, Godalming.  L/R Frank KLAPTOCZ, Sabina KUSZEL, Kaz RYZNER, Monica BRZEZINSKA , and young BERGER.

Piotr PIETRUSIEWICZ First Communion souvenir dated 13th June 1954 and somewhat faded , signed by Father BYSTRY.
News taken from  DZIENNIK POLSKI in March 1953.

Two family men who lived in the Camp and worked for Streeters of Godalming. On the left is Pan KUSZEL with Pan RYZNER on the controls. Both moved to Elstead in 1957 where they were neighbours.Picture taken approx 1956.

Pan RYZNER on the left with Pan Peter SUDNIK on the right.
Pan Peter SUDNIK driving his Ford Consul.He was always ahead of most of us.
1950 Pan Peter SUDNIK holding his son Peter whilst his wife Lilian cuddles daughter Hilary.

Pan Peter SUDNIK with his wife Lilian who has reached the age of 90 years and still resides in the Milford, Surrey area.Peter left us in 1985.

Pani WILMOWSKA with her geese in her back garden in the Camp 1952.

Pani KLAPTOCZ and her chickens.
Pani KUSZEL heading home after a tiring day in the field.Many of the ladies from the Camp worked in Milford for Secrets picking potatoes etc.Transport would be provided and as I can remember during school holidays attending with my mother and picking what I could.Picture take approx 1954.

BOZE CIALO in 1953.Large procession with many familiar faces.Pani CHRUSZCE lady bottom left.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


On the occasion of their daughters wedding celebrations,13th September 1969,Mr and Mrs RYZNER entertain the joyful RADWANSKI family Stan KACZOR and MRS CZERTKO.
Mrs RADWANSKI with Pani RYZNER singing whilst Pan RADWANSKI  acts as the accompanist.
The Ladies enjoying a day out in Portsmouth on 5th August 1950 and include Pani GILOWA , Pani RYZNER and Pani ZAREMBA.

The wedding of MR and MRS KLAPTOCZ in June 1951 In Tweedsmuir Camp.My father who is standing to the right of the groom was best man.Father BYSTRY is directly behind the happy couple.


Picture outside of St Edmunds Hall in early 1970 with the Holy honoured guest of the Diocese who is surrounded by his flock.


Visit by the Bishop of the Diocese to St Edmunds Hall in early 1970.Present Father BYSTRY on the far right and others including Mrs CZERTKO and Mr CZEPIL.

Some well know parishioners surround the Bishop and Father BYSTRY including Mr Brzezinski, Adamek, Czepil, Pietrowski, and his young son Adam looking at the camera.

Friday, April 22, 2016


In St Edmunds Hall,Godalming,we see Father Joseph BYSTRY celebrating 25 years as a Parish Priest.(1943 to 8th May 1968).The following pictures detail that special day in May 1968  with many young and old parishioners present.The pictures that follow have been supplied by Anna PLACHECKA ,a close relation to Father BYSTRY and who visited him in 1972.Anna continues to live in Poznan, Poland.Father BYSTRY born 14th January 1915 died 26th August 1976 aged 61 years. 

Friday, November 20, 2015


Gathering of the Polish community in St Edmunds Hall Godalming with many former Tweedsmuir Camp followers.More details to follow.

Christmas gathering in St Edmunds Hall with many familiar faces.More details to follow.

Friday, October 16, 2015


On our way to the Turbacz and the Bridge gives way with me on it.Kaz RYZNER is looking alarmed as I have disappeared under water.I turned up down stream and needed medical assistance for scrapes and bruises.The 2015 attempt to climb the Turbacz finished here however plans are afoot for 2016 after the re-building of the Bridge to Far.28th September 2015.

Krakow on 30th September 2015 besides the GRUNWALD Monument.L/R prof.dr hab.inz. Marek PIEKARCZYK, Piotr PIETRUSIEWICZ, Kaz RYZNER, Stan STRUSS after a splendid Traditional lunch.

SZCZAWNICA on the Slovak Rep border with the Dunajec River iin the background. Kaz RYZNER and Piotr PIETRUSIEWICZ cross the border for the very first time on Sunday 27th September 2015.