Thursday, July 31, 2014


Piotr PIETRUSIEWICZ and Kaz RYZNER having reached the top of the TURBACZ mountain ( Gorczanski Park Narodowy ) 9th October 2012. Last climbed in July 1975 as the picture below shows.In 1975 Kaz ran up the mountain and I was some distance behind and am still recovering. We again made the top in September 2013 and are hoping to do so again this year 2014.
Kaz RYZNER ( blond locks ) and Piotr PIETRUSIEWICZ ( dark locks ) on top of the TURBACZ in July 1975.
KONINKA on the edge of the GORCZANSKI National Park July 1975.KAZ has got me working on his Aunties small holding whilst he is resting behind the camera.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

TWEEDSMUIR CAMP.Late visit to the Camp on the day of my Mothers Funeral 5th May 2011.(Mum passed away on 18th April 2011) In the picture is Terenia HUSTON (nee KESEK ) who I call the "Angel " as she features in the early photographs with Father Christmas and the Devil. In the background a hint of blue bells.The " Angel " sadly passed away in early July 2014.May she rest in peace.
Tweedsmuir Camp as above picture L to R my twin sister Maria with my younger sister Barbara with the Angel Terenia.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Eashing Cemetery the resting place of Father Josef BYSTRY who died on 26th August 1976 aged 61 years.