Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Afternoon of Wednesday 16th November 2011.Kaz RYZNER shows me where as a child he would play, near the stream, and very close to the Hut that he shared with his family.It must have been one of the most isolated places to live in TWEEDSMUIR CAMP.
TWEEDSMUIR CAMP on Wednesday afternoon the 16th November 2011.I am exploring with my very close friend Kaz RYZNER. We came across a number of these so called " fairy circles ".No sign of the fairies all even the ROGALSKIES!!!!

Maria i Piotr Pietrusiewicz   ( 1954 )

Piotr Pietrusiewicz ( 1954)
Near TWEEDSMUIR CAMP on 16th November 2011.The old family habit of seeking mushrooms still continues as I spot one for the frying pan.Loads of the right kind of fungi found and can you believe in mid November!!!