Friday, May 18, 2012


TWEEDSMUIR CAMP .Friday 18th May 2012  The above visited Porlock, Somerset for a bonding session and a 12 mile walk to Porlock Weir via the Toll Road and then to Hurlstone Point.L/R  Kris KUBLIK, Peter PIETRUSIEWICZ, Kaz RYZNER, Matt KUBLIK, Maz KLAPTOCZ and Karol CANNONINSKI.

Kaz RYZNER and Piotr PIETRUSIEWICZ at The Moat, walking distance from Tweedsmuir Camp. 18th September 2012

Piotr i Maria PIETRUSIEWICZ with my mothers hand in control.A regular treat during summers in Tweedsmuir Camp.( circa 1951 )

The ROGALSKI brothers (Wies and Zen ) playing catchup in Tweedsmuir Camp. ( circa 2014 )