Friday, July 18, 2008

TWEEDSMUIR CAMP. Picture taken on Wednesday 9th April 2008 when I visited the Camp with Kaz RYZNER on the left and Maz KLAPTOCZ on crutches . Maz was recovering from a broken ankle whilst playing his now final football game for Elstead FC at 51years of age.( Kaz at 60 years + is still playing for his old school Vets Team )

TWEEDSMUIR CAMP. Pictured on the left Kaz RYZNER with Piotr PIETRUSIEWICZ visiting the Camp on the afternoon of Wednesday 9th April 2008. Clearly visible is the old Water Tower which has aged better than the personnel in the picture.
TWEEDSMUIR CAMP.Dress rehearsal Churt School Infants Class Easter 1954.Their are many Polish children in this photograph which I am trying to identify. For certain extreme left at the back is Krystyna BRZEZINSKA with Urszula RYZNER extreme right front and kneeling.
Teaching Staff at CHURT  C of E Primary School 1950 to 1955. L to R  Pam WILLIAMS (nee WARE )  J.W BASSETT ( Headmaster )  Muree KELLY. Standing Peggy POTTER ( Secretary )