Thursday, May 05, 2016


TWEEDSMUIR CAMP - Aerial photograph taken about noon on Saturday January 1946.
Kaz RYZNER and Piotr PIETRUSIEWICZ reach the TURBACZ at 1pm on Tuesday 25th September 2018....Kaz had predicted snow a few days before.........we all laughed.....we were not laughing when we got to the top....we did smile for the camera.

Kaz RYZNER the route planner , at his very best.

Piotr PIETRUSIEWICZ seems to agree on the general direction.
Piotr PIETRUSIEWICZ and Kaz RYZNER  on a very wet Monday 24th September 2018 visit Zakopane and the famous International Ski Jumping Facility.......BELOW is TWEEDSMUIR CAMP and an image of the last brick building shot by me from the high ground near the Water Tower in 1965.

Kaz RYZNER reaches the top of the Turbacz 2pm on Monday 25th September 2017.We were the only climbers around at the time.
Not far behind is Piotr PIETRUSIEWICZ.
After a long climb the two friends are reunited.Monday 25th September 2017 a date which will be quickly forgotten in history.However what will not be forgotten is the view behind us of the Tatra Mountains, showing off the first snow of the season.( we saw the snow however the low cloud has spoiled it for you )

Tweedsmuir Camp via Google Earth 2010.
13th August 2016 at the Devil's Punch Bowl, Hindhead after a walk from Thursley Cricket Ground L/R Kaz RYZNER, Piotr PIETRUSIEWICZ and Maz for the Turbacz  annual challenge next month.
 Map shows our trek on Sunday 18th September 2016 from Koninki  to the Turbacz which turned out to be a 7+ hour round trip the most difficult descent in history in challenging conditions of low cloud and rain.Well done KAZ for choosing the green route.....I will choose next year.
Kaz RYZNER and Piotr PIETRUSIEWICZ at the top of the Turbacz on Sunday 18th September 2016 and smiling...they would not have been if they knew how difficult and dangerous the descent would turn out to be.A triumph for strength and old bones. 
Tweedsmuir Camp entrance via the Thursley Road as it looks
today.Courtesy of Google.
A brief resume of the Polish Camps in the Godalming Parish.

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